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President’s Welcome Message

President’s Welcome Message


Welcome to Alborz University:

As the President of the Alborz University, it is my pleasure to express my deepest gratitude to both students and teachers for choosing this university which has burgeoned tremendously in recent years. This growth has been triggered with contributions from a large number of people from faculty, administration, and staff to cooperative members of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In line with the thoughts of Imam Khomeini, the former leader of our Revolution, who considered university as a cradle of all advancement and resembled it to a factory for refinement of humanity, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has underscored the necessity of boosting universities and academic centers in order to advance national scientific status. He also believes that: "students' talents should be flourished to set a higher bar for Iran's cultural and Islamic heritages."    

Our vision for future is to provide a range of new facilities and take other necessary measures to expedite the process of attaining academic excellence. Accordingly, our teaching staff are to build a constructive and academic rapport with students to couple science with integrity. Our country is in a quest of science and knowledge in all areas. Basically, our country's development is tied to the development of universities.

Our teaching staff must set a standard for innovation in pedagogy and commit to its advance. They must build on the forward-looking potential of a digital age, as well as emerging understandings into human behavior and combine it with Qur'anic insights and Islamic traditions to set a solid foundation for families and society to prosper. 

Propagating knowledge is bound to collective efforts from all members of the society and cannot be successful without forward planning. Nonprofit universities should strive to join the mainstream of academic innovations taking place in other organizations in our country. Likewise, these universities should not lose sight of the objective to enhance the quality of education at the expense of acquiring lager premises.

“Commercializing science should be prioritized in policies to ensure financial capital from our intellectual property which in turn controls human capital flight.” says Minister of Science, Research and Technology. This university certainly makes a serious attempt to accomplish this strategic objective and join the ranks of the first-rate universities in the country. 


With best wishes,

Dr. Morteza Noorbakhsh

President of Alborz University